Do I need to have mtb experience to do this?

No!  You will need to be able to cycle, the routes available locally are easily cycled by someone with moderate fitness levels and experience.

What should I wear?

The best thing to wear would be cycling leggings and a warm but breathable jacket.  Jog or Sweatpants are also pretty good.  Jeans can be worn but they aren't the best if it rains as they will be heavier and probably won't dry out before the end of your cycle!  If you are wearing a hat, bring a thin one as you will have to have a snug fit for your helmet.  Gloves are also recommended.  If you are on the spin and swim package it is recommended you bring a bag with change of clothes and we can transfer them to the leisure centre for you before you arrive!  Good footwear is also recommended.  Sandals or flip flops are not permitted.

Do you charge a deposit to book the bike?

Yes, we charge a 25% hire deposit to secure bookings.  This deposit is not refundable or transferrable.  You can pay your balance at the hire shop when you collect your bike.

What is the terrain on the routes like?

The cycling surface is mostly loose gravel, most of the routes are along forest firetrail.  The scenery along trails has been described as breathtaking by some of our previous customers.

Do you give a reduction on large groups or for longterm rentals?

Yes we do. Groups of 10 or more will qualify for a discount or rental for 5 or more consecutive days.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

It is mandatory to take a helmet with you with each hire.  It is strongly recommended you use the helmet provided.

Do I have to have lights?

Lights are not provided as all rentals must be returned before dark during winter months.

What do I do with the bike overnight?

If you are hiring for more than daily hire we will supply you with a security lock.  We also recommend you have the bike stored indoors if at all possible.

What sizes do you offer?

We have 17" & 19" frames in Electric MTB and 16", 18", 19" & 21" available in our Hardtail MTB.

Who is responsible for the bike under hire?

You are. We'll provide you the equipment and knowledge needed to keep the bike safe but it's up to you to return everything we give you.  Due to the high value of these bikes we will require a pre authorization on your card upon hire of €100 per EMTB for potential damages or misuse.

Do you deliver or pick up bikes?

Yes.  Booking is essential, please contact to enquire about this service.

What happens if I get a flat tire?

You probably won't.  (We use the best tyres!) But if you do, stop riding immediately and give us a call.  (The number is on the bike)  We will request your location through the app and get to you with a replacement bike so you can continue your ride as soon as possible.

Do you offer a shuttle service if I use my own bike?

Unfortunately no.  Due to taxi laws and regulations we can only transfer our own customers on the shuttle service.

What happens if the weather is bad? Can we cancel?

We are located on the west coast of Ireland.  We don't usually expect blue skies and sunshine so we recommend you dress appropriately for the conditions.  You can cancel at any time but unfortunately because of staffing arrangements and other costs of business your booking deposit is there to secure your booking and to ensure we have bikes for you when you so we can not refund any deposit.

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